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11. dubna 2011 v 17:41 | Christina |  Fashion

Woz? Co to asi je že? Je to značka bot a né jen tak ledajakých. Jsou to gumové botky na léto.
Oficiální stránka : zde . Nedávno jsem je viděla v módním časáku a chtěla jsem je sem dát, ale nemohla jsem je vůbec najít.
A já je našla díky Stilagu . Toto je e-shop něco jako fashiondays.
Tyto botky mi příjdou hodně originální a zatím jsem je na nikom neviděla. A na Stilagu si je můžete zakoupit od 400Kč což je výhodné. Stáhla jsem pár fotek aby jste se koukli.

Fotky pod perexem.

Woz-baleríny audrey bílá

Zboží je skladem

831,00 Kč
473,00 Kč
Ušetříte358,00 Kč (43%)

Detail zboží

Woz-baleríny audrey fuxia

Zboží je skladem

831,00 Kč
473,00 Kč
Ušetříte358,00 Kč (43%)

Detail zboží

A teď jiné...

Mně se osobně moc líbí! A vám ?? :)

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1 Jerkiss Jerkiss | Web | 11. dubna 2011 v 20:08 | Reagovat

vyzerajú fakt dobre :) ale asi by mi vadilo, že sú gumené, neviem :D každopádne by som bola originálna, keby že ich mám :D

2 xoxo-lenik xoxo-lenik | Web | 11. dubna 2011 v 20:31 | Reagovat

husté =D

3 petinek21 petinek21 | E-mail | Web | 11. dubna 2011 v 20:32 | Reagovat

hej tak to je husty :D pamatuju ze sem asi dva rok zpatky taky nosila naky baleriny-gumaky :D :D haha o pohodli se neda mluvit ale krásně se v tom potěj nožky :D osobne bych brala asi ty ruzovy otevreny ale ty baleriny vypadaj taky zajmave :D baleriny ;)

4 Anny A. Anny A. | Web | 13. dubna 2011 v 15:46 | Reagovat

zajímavý,o tom jsem neslyšela,))

5 Lady_K!k Lady_K!k | Web | 13. dubna 2011 v 17:55 | Reagovat

HELLO GIRL! Si štýlové dievča ktoré sa zaujíma o najnovšie trendy zo sveta módy a make-upu? Trápia ťa otázky ohľadom zdravia, chalanov či rodiny? Alebo si chceš vypočuť dobrú hudbu, objednať design aleb napísať do poradne? Jedno je isté, určite sa chceš zabaviť! A preto neváhaj a mrkni na skvelý dievčenský web ktorý je tu len pre teba! :) WWW.STYLE-LADIES.BLOG.CZ

6 Sima Sima | E-mail | 26. května 2011 v 9:24 | Reagovat

Ahoj, nevíte kde by se tyto botky daly sehnat? Mám baleríny Shirley, jsou super, jen velikost neodpovídá české, takže jsem si přes net nevědomky objednala své původní číslo, ale baleríny mi jsou velké, cože mě strašně mrzí.

7 Caseytralo Caseytralo | E-mail | Web | 23. září 2017 v 20:07 | Reagovat

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11 Kevinpit Kevinpit | E-mail | Web | 6. května 2018 v 13:34 | Reagovat

<h2>  A startling Fact about Selling 3d Models Uncovered  </h2>
Creativity is what everyone cannot master.  Apps are a standard thing and AR attract interest, as easy as that.  Apple should change its business model so that it sells a few updated iPhones at sensible rates.  
<h2> The Debate Over Selling 3d Models </h2>
Utilizing a succession of photos taken of a true world object, photogrammetry software can make an accurate high-density mesh of the majority of objects.  An often overlooked aspect of accelerating your sketch procedure is the UI placement.  When the part becomes a 3D rendering, it might be printed and shipped to the collector.  
<h2>  What You Must Know About Selling 3d Models </h2>
Local stores have the benefit of having something it is possible to see and feel you are more inclined to know what you are receiving.  Bioprinting enables people to make little elements of the human body and is utilized for restorative applications.  Possessing a wide assortment of models raises your odds to earn more money.
<h2>  Things You Won't Like About Selling 3d Models and Things You Will  </h2>
In the circumstance, you should visualize something which doesn't exist is the true Earth, 3D animation is used.  There are scores and scores of websites full of designs uploaded by other folks, freely available or for profit, and with 3D printing has entered the popular consciousness quite a while ago (plus the simple fact that 3D models are made for many different purposes), the odds are that you're able to get the model you are interested in finding.  When you have mastered the art of producing very good furniture using 3ds Max and rendered a stunning thumbnail utilizing V-Ray, I'll demonstrate where to upload your models if you would like to offer them and provide you the insight required to stick out from the crowd.  
<h2>  The New Angle On Selling 3d Models Just Released  </h2>
Simple-to-use web design guidelines and tips to create your website stick out from the crowd.  The updated version of the internet portal devoted to our products' 3D models is currently online.  If you would like to learn more info about the product that you're printing on, a simple click the drop-down menu under Products will provide you any info you need sizing, materials, etc..  
<h2>The Secret to Selling 3d Models </h2>
Generally, in the architectural design procedure, it's better to retain concept work in-house to keep the integrity of the plan.  Last, the Pro version comes with various advantages with regard to specifications.  Essentially, you may use the 3D model for a scaffolding to inform the history of an object.  
<h2> The War Against Selling 3d Models  </h2>
Ultimately, BIM model collaboration tools carry wide array of uses and exceptional bonuses that Revit 3D BIM modeling alone are not able to provide.  Design data that is delayed can cause faults in the last construction process since they might be present in the plan procedure.  It's great to realize that the youthful generation has an entirely different view of startup companies and is very excited to work inside them.  
Perhaps you can use one to revolutionize your company or hobby art capabilities! In case the selected set of OEZ products does not satisfy your requirements, or in case you have specific requirements for your 3D undertaking, you can speak to the SW support staff.  At this time you can construct your creative abilities and abilities utilizing the super technology.  
<h2> How to Choose Selling 3d Models </h2>
Direct Sales Through your individual sales, you make retail profits on each and every sale.  Let's assume, an organization is selling watches and wishes to grow the customer engagement.  3D printing has ever been a niche market, with a little couple of companies dominating the business.  
<h2> Whispered Selling 3d Models Secrets </h2>
Selling fonts on the internet are perhaps too simple, simply use MyFonts or Linotype.  There is a vast range available in many colors and designs in the marketplace and is readily employed for floors and walls in the kitchen.  Then it is easy to choose the image or images that you would like to select.  
The website features various cute and fashionable 3D objects for children, hobbyists, and students.  If you don't want to get a wooden floor, you always have the option to go ahead with wood-finish kitchen tiles as it would be simple to maintain.  You're able to make use-ready products, like chairs, with just a button click.  
<h2> Most Noticeable Selling 3d Models</h2>
There's a need to be certain that the net of secondary copyright liability isn't cast too widely or indiscriminately.  The property that was kept apart to utilize for individual use should be sold almost forcefully.  To be granted access, all you need to do is register.  
Once the last design is agreed upon, the vital documents will have to be ready for construction, permits, and bidding.  If you're afraid or just do not have the time to construct your own personal portfolio site, and search for strategies to pull visitors, you might always start by testing online marketplaces which are already recognized.  A calling card to market the artists, along with real-time asset tracking are planned.  
<h2> The Downside Risk of Selling 3d Models </h2>
One of the very first things to think about at any VR experience is the kind of headset it will run on.  Sure, you may always sell the hardware.  A third and notable illustration is the jewelry businesses that have chosen to make the most of the versatility and ease of 3D printing.  
<h2> The Selling 3d Models Game  </h2>
AR gaming experiences can increase your own reality and create the game feel more natural.  If you only want to create the world a better place, you'll find inspiration in the Charity Miles app.  The game contains various online games and activities in the digital world, where players receive their cartoon avatars that arrive with assorted customization choices.  
<h2> The Foolproof Selling 3d Models Strategy</h2>
The percent of people who have been able to sell their products to others has grown by 100% in the past year.  The process took two or three days to receive all the variations done.  In the middle of all of the competitors, you must win your clients' attention within seconds as soon as they clicked on the link to your website.  
<h2> The Downside Risk of Selling 3d Models </h2>
Whatever might be the reason for selling, the very first thing you should pay attention to is the perspective.  In many instances, it's the only view you have to demonstrate the audience for them to find a whole comprehension of the design and its functions.  If you're running an online company or wanting to raise awareness about your subject matter, I'd recommend browsing for groups related to your company or subject.  
<h2> Selling 3d Models - What Is It? </h2>
There are full instructions about how to download models written both by Fabbaloo and Instructables, though it ought to be stressed that it's possibly just cheaper and simpler to purchase the batch-made parts direct from McMaster.  Fun objects can be readily created.  If you may shop local, Hobby stores are difficult to come by but they are sometimes great homes away from home.  
<h2> Getting the Best Selling 3d Models </h2>
The product roadmaps are extremely large with a lot of ambitions.  With materialize, you own a service which caters to people who need their designs produced.  Once you choose to create a home, you can sit with the designer to provide you with the simple layout with the support of a computer software.  
<h2> Top Marketplaces to Start Selling 3D Models </h2>
If you are a video game designer and you don’t want to waste hundreds of hours modeling then you might consider purchasing 3d models.

Of course, you will be looking for the low-cost market with good quality because video games demand many 3d models in order to start level designing, for that we advise you to buy from 3dcgstore marketplace.

You can also contact their support team and tell them the assets that you need, they'll provide it in Quickly with unbelievable price.

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12 StephenMah StephenMah | E-mail | Web | 21. května 2018 v 10:20 | Reagovat

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22 BrianNed BrianNed | E-mail | 9. června 2018 v 13:19 | Reagovat

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